The Soul-Getters Podcast

Channeling About What’s Next for Humanity

July 22, 2020

Hi loves!


Today we are doing something we've never done before! So many of you sent in questions in pertains to what is happening in the world and what's to come. Today, I am channeling through for you the answers spirit has given me.


Please be sure to listen to this with an open mind! When I channel, I am in my highest state, therefore, my human self doesn't recollect the conversation or information shared. This is all coming from spirit! 


We are diving into many topics but especially in pertains to God, Save the Children, Sex Trafficking and what we can do to assist in the ascension.


Listening back, spirit provided us with so many great tools and advice!


Can't wait to hear your experience with this episode!


May truth set humanity free!


All my love,


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