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Heal Your Relationship with Money with Jessie Scanlon

September 23, 2020

Hi Loves! 

In this episode, I had the honor of interviewing, Jessie Scanlon. 

Just over a year ago Jessie ditched her 9-5 accounting job and moved across the country without much of a plan for what was next. She signed up for a yoga teacher training because as a long-time yoga practitioner, she has always wanted to become a certified instructor and knew it would keep her grounded amidst this huge life transition. During this time she learned of an existing industry called financial therapy where the lines between personal finance and wellness were being blurred. Instantly, a passion was ignited inside of her. Jessie has since married her financial background as a CPA with invaluable teachings of various wellness modalities studied during the yoga teacher training to create her unique offering- financial healing. Jessie is on a mission to empower womxn to relate intentionally with the energy of money to conceive a life of abundance. 

In today's episode, Jessie will be introducing the concept of a money story; a narrative around money that governs our lives. She will also be talking about the origins of these money stories, helping listeners to realize that we may be telling a story that was passed down or influenced by society, which may not be serving us. We also will be talking about how money is energy and an energetic exchange, which is infinite. Lastly, so many spiritual tools and rituals will be shared that listeners can use each day to heal their money story!


All my love and blessings!!! 

Gabriella Danielle 

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